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Just VoIP Soft Phone
Just VoIP VOIP software phone by Xten Networks

Download Softphone

Just VoIP is please to offer softphone applications for all three major operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux. Please select the version you would like to download and install from the list below:

X-Lite v4.0 for Windows
X-Lite v4.0 MAC OS X
X-Lite v2.0 Linux

Easy to Use

Just VoIP recommends the X-Lite Soft Phone software by CounterPath Solutions. The software is fully compatible with the Just VoIP telephone network. Note that your computer must have audio speakers and a microphone, or compatible headset for this service.

Cost: $19.95 setup fee
(FREE for customers who have already purchased or rented adapter or router. Setup fee applies only to new customers who opt to use Softphone solely)

Laptop with headphone and microphone


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