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Never pay for telephone services again! Join the "Digital Voice Referral Program" today and start getting your telephone service FREE for life!

Ask your friends "Why pay more for your phone line?" then introduce them to Digital Voice telephone services.

For every customer you refer to Digital Voice a month reoccurring credit will be applied to your account. When your monthly credits are equal to your month telephone bill your service is FREE! If your monthly reoccurring credit exceeds your monthly bill, Infinet Communications Group dba Digital Voice will write you a check for the additional credits!

All new customers receive the FIRST MONTH SERVICE FREE
* No Contracts, No Cancellation Fees, No set up fees!!
* No Equipment Purchase Necessary
* Equipment rental option available for those who do not wish to purchase

OR CALL Vancouver: (604) 248-3115 OR 1-866-401-9177 (Toll Free)
(simply have your friends mention your VOIP number when they call)
Referrals Program

Join the Digital Voice Referral Program and earn monthly credits towards your phone bill. Refer enough customers and we'll even send you a commission check each and every month! Payments are issued by Infinet Communications dba Digital Voice.

Here is how it works:

  • Earn $2.00 per month for every friend you refer to us.
  • Earn an additional $1.00 per month if your friend refers a new customer to us.
  • Earn an additional $0.50 per month if your friend's friend refers a new customer to us.
  • Commissions are paid EVERY MONTH for as long as your friend remains our customer.
  • All new customers you and your friends refer to us will receive their FIRST MONTH FREE.

Free Phone Service for LIFE !

Refer 3 customers to us and your Digital Voice phone service could be FREE for LIFE !   Here's how:

You could even be MAKING A PROFIT !

In addition to getting free phone service, you could actually use our Referral Program to earn additional income. Unlike other referral programs that only pay you a one-time referral fee, our commissions are RECURRING and payout three tier levels. Therefore, your income is COMPOUNDING and will grow to be quite substantial after a period of time. In fact, if you refer just 3 customers to us every month you could potentially earn over $4,000 after 1 year. Use our commission calculator below to see how much money you can earn!

Level Description Number
1 Customers YOU refer every month
2 Customers each refer every month
3 Customers each refer every month

Month Number of Referrals YOU EARN
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

Start Referring Now - It is So Easy !

If you have any questions regarding our Referral Program, please contact our sales department at Vancouver: (604) 248-3115 / 1-866-401-9177 or email sales@digitalvoice.ca.