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About DigitalVoice

is a wholly-owned division of Infinet Communications Group Inc., a privately held Internet and telecommunications provider based in Vancouver, BC. With over 8 years of experience in the Canadian Internet market, the Infinet group offers a wide array of Internet and communications services including high speed internet access, web hosting, server management and domain registration. With the launch of , Infinet has evolved into a full service telecommunications provider.

is a leading edge technology that will change the way we communicate forever. It allows high speed Internet users to transform their broadband Internet connection into a phone line. With , customers typically save 36-66% over traditional phone service. In addition, they will also be able to move their phone service anytime and use it from anywhere in the world. It works just like any regular phone line and you can even keep your existing phone number.

Cheaper. More convenient. Portable anywhere, anytime. It is no wonder why many experts believe that this is the way of the future. Traditional phone technology will be obsolete soon.

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DigitalVoice is Better than Regular Phone Lines

Because works over the Internet instead of the traditional phone networks, it allows you to do a lot more things that are not possible with conventional phone service.

Move your phone service, anywhere, anytime you like.

  You don't have to pay any long distance fees.

Cheaper Convenient Portable

Traditional phone technology will be obsolete soon. Make the switch today.

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